Business philosophy – Can Chat GPT replace search engines?

Dr. Steve Wong

February 27, 2023

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence language model developed by AI companies. It can generate responses in the same language through training with enormous amounts of information from textbooks and data to understand the meaning of natural languages.

So far, this technology has attracted 200 million users for various applications such as chatbots, auto-writing, and translation, etc.

Chatbots can assist in finding information through chats like Siri and Google Assistant. Such interactive communication can increase intuitive and personalized experiences and save time and effort.

I started using ChatGPT a few days ago and found getting any information I wanted very convenient. It gives reasons in case of inability to provide the information needed. For example, I asked how to make money, and it analyzed that it depends on a person’s skills, interests and resources and types of viable businesses available. It listed different industries with respective features, issues requiring attention and inherent risks. If I want to write an article, it tells me how to organize the text structure, though I need to provide the contents, with its support for information search.

Recently, a magazine found more than one thousand contributors with similar content and suspected AI did it ! It must be highlighted here that ChatGPT is very useful for doing homework, particularly for history, literature and language. It can provide hints and references. It can give step-by-step analysis and provide the concepts to use formulas to solve problems for chemistry, physics and mathematics. Although ChatGPT is omnipotent, we must understand the concept and do proofreading.

For our business field, it can search and provide information on some of our customers and suppliers, but the data needs to be more detailed. Also, it cannot provide credit information about our customers. Such information should be available when its database expands.

The widespread use of artificial intelligence will be a new trend and breakthrough for humanity, just like the use of computers back then and mobile phones nowadays.

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