Business Philosophy – My Requirements for Job Applicants

Many of our peers in the recycling industry prefer to employ trusted confidants or friends for transactions and financial management. However, to expand our business and operate on a corporate level, we need to hire external employees in addition to our trusted personnel. Today, doing business is more challenging due to the complexities of import and export regulations, customer demands, the business environment, and market competition. Therefore, we need to recruit more talented individuals to expand our business. Typically, new employees may be able to create value for the company after a year or more.


From the moment we receive an applicant’s letter, we begin the selection process. When reviewing applications, we look at their educational background. For my Hong Kong company, candidates need to understand and speak fluent Mandarin and English. Knowledge of Cantonese and other foreign languages is an added advantage. Although I am hiring for business development roles, new employees must have a certain level of knowledge of Information Technology (IT)  and be able to use it to promote business, which is in line with the current economic development. I have also noticed that many applicants use AI to write their cover letters, resulting in generic content with phrases and sentences that do not match the rest of the information provided.


Interviews can clarify many doubts. Through interviews, we can assess the applicant’s responses and reactions to questions, alignment with our company’s culture and values, problem-solving abilities, goal orientation, communication skills, interaction capabilities, and analytical ability. During communication, we must also determine if the applicant’s personality fits well with our existing team, ensuring smooth cooperation and interaction. Regardless of the position, good communication with colleagues is the most crucial factor for hiring.


Industry experience and courses in business administration, marketing, and procurement are less important for positions at our company. We prefer candidates with a background in the sciences, especially chemistry, biology, and physics, as this helps in understanding the properties and applications of materials. In today’s society, managing “waste” requires a strong focus on science to analyze all substances and data. Understanding the impact on the natural ecosystem and environment is also essential. Waste management is complex, and recycling demands more scientific and data-driven approaches.


Original by Dr. Steve Wong

June 26, 2024

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