Negative Encounter Alert

Please beware of the following:

Company: Arrows Plastic – South Africa

Contact: Ms. Desiree Preston

Issue: We paid the deposit totaling USD 12,450 on June 2023, for a load of PVB and PMMA, but did not arrange any shipments; and though agreed to refund and sent a payment confirmation; after waiting for 4 weeks, no amount has been received.

Imperial Plastic Recycling / Imperial Recycling Company – Houston, TX,  USA

Contact:  Mr. Keeneth Smallwood / Mr. Donnell Smallwood

Issue: We paid the deposit of USD 2,240.00 on August 5, 2020, for 2 loads of HDPE IBC; but no shipment was arranged and no refund was done; just keep on delaying.

One Plastic Inc – Austin, TX, USA
One Plastic ATX S de RL de CV – Quintana Roo, Mexico

Contact: Mr. Antonio del Riego

Issue: We paid the deposit of USD 12,816 in July 2022 for an order of PMMA which never got shipped.

We paid USD 22,423.70 in June 2022 for an order of PA airbags, but never got the load as he had not paid his supplier.

Company:  Prep Grupo Integral SA de CV – Monterrey, Mexico

Contact:  Mr. Enrique Elizondo

Issue: We paid advance USD 7,000.00 in Jan 2021 for a load of PA which never got shipped but up to date have not received a refund.

Company:  Lemonplast Recycling – Tunis, Tunisia

Contact:  Mr. Adel Mezni

Issue: We paid the deposit of USD 20500 in June 2023, with the advance balance payment of USD 19077.55 in October 2023, for 3 loads of PMMA. Shipments had been made, but all were covered by shipping garbage. Up to date, no refund has been made, and just keep on delaying and avoiding.

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