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Founded in 1984, Fukutomi is one of the prominent players in the recycling industry, with strong footholds in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world. With sourcing networks encompassed the five continents, plastic scraps trading and recycling are its core business operations, and waste metals have become a new dimension in 2021.


• Save the ecology and oceans by recycling for reuse.

• Raise recyclables to facilitate a circular economy.

• Maintain long term sustainability.


To reduce landfill, ocean debris, carbon emission and resources depletion through recycling of post-consumer, post-industrial and agricultural plastic scrap waste. To make circular economy attainable, as our ultimate goal.

We Turn eco-resources into recycled content.
To save recyclables!


第462期營商之道 – 最新的EWS (European Waste Shipment) 歐洲廢物運輸法例

正當我們回收行業在摸索如何解讀歐盟執行巴塞爾公約之際,歐盟委員會於2024年4月11日通過最新的EWS (European Waste Shipment)法例在同年5月正式生效,進一步收緊廢物運送,日後東南亞再生廢塑料行業要在歐盟國家購買可再生的廢塑料只會難上加難。 執行此法例還附加一項時間性的收緊。歐盟廢塑料出口,針對非OECD...

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第 461 期營商之道 –巴塞爾公約的遵守與執行

日前出席瑞士日內瓦BC ICC-16 委員會議,談及廢塑料在出入各國的法規時我分享了我的看法。我強調我們行業不幸受巴塞爾公約的限制,因公約的條文針對是“waste”,即廢物圾垃。我們不是處理垃圾!而是可回收的再生材料,可能很多人搞錯或不理解。官員往往在媒體的報道連同偏見的視頻先入為主的感覺是所有廢塑料是市政垃圾,忽略我們入口的廢塑料主要是已初步分揀好的資源性廢塑料。而出成率一般要八成以上,太低的出成率在成本上是做不了,跟本無利可圖。回收料包括工廠回收在生產過程中所產生的廢料,以及石油化工廠生產線產生的可回收塑料,它們是百分之百可以回收。官員在聽我敘述,但我不知他們是否能明白。我並強調業界不會在書信電郵內容用上“waste”一字,我們一般是用“material” 或“scrap ”材料或廢料來形容。有些國家,例如越南只能用HS3915...

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Steve’s industry activities

President of China Sustainable Plastics Association

Board Member of Plastics Committee of BIR

Observer of Basel Convention – UNEP Part

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