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Founded in 1984, Fukutomi is one of the prominent players in the recycling industry, with strong footholds in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world. With sourcing networks encompassed the five continents, plastic scraps trading and recycling are its core business operations, and waste metals have become a new dimension in 2021.


- To be a part of the global force to save the planet by recycling, to reuse, and reducing landfills and ocean pollutions.
- To be a sophisticated sourcing platform and facilitate the industry in achieving a circular economy while moving on to an era of recycled content for products/packaging.
-To maintain voicing channels for the long-term sustainability of the industry.


While recycling is vital to reduce pollution and carbon emission of our environment, Fukutomi serves a crucial role in the supply chain as a reliable partner of brand-owners for recycled content.

We Turn eco-resources into recycled content.
To save recyclables!


Steve’s industry activities

President of China Sustainable Plastics Association

Board Member of Plastics Committee of BIR

Observer of Basel Convention – UNEP Part

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