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Plastic Scrap Recycling

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HSK Factory

Our recycling facility locates in the New Territories has been operating since 2011 with total area of around 30,000 sq.ft. The major production line is to recycle plastic scraps such as plastics from used and dismantled electrical appliances into recycled raw materials in form of pellets through sorting, grinding, mechanical separation, extrusion and pelletizing to supply various manufacturing industries.

Through recycling of plastics, it not only reduces consumption of limited resources by lengthen their lifespan, but also reduces CO2 emission since CO2 emission amount of recycling each ton of plastics is only one-tenth of that from producing virgin materials. Equipment installed at the moment include shredder, EPS A lump machine, hydrator, PU foam remover, color separation machine and extruder (pelletizing lines) to fulfill various production steps.

G/F, No.124-125 Tin Ha Road
Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong

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