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Founded in 1984, Fukutomi is one of the prominent players in the recycling industry, with strong footholds in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the world. With sourcing networks encompassed the five continents, plastic scraps trading and recycling are its core business operations, and waste metals have become a new dimension in 2021.


• Save the ecology and oceans by recycling for reuse.

• Raise recyclables to facilitate a circular economy.

• Maintain long term sustainability.


To reduce landfill, ocean debris, carbon emission and resources depletion through recycling of post-consumer, post-industrial and agricultural plastic scrap waste. To make circular economy attainable, as our ultimate goal.

We Turn eco-resources into recycled content.
To save recyclables!


卜高通美中文投稿天地 – 中國大陸會在什麼時候經濟復甦

Dr. Steve Wong黃楚祺博士 4/9/2023 在二千年初,我當時參加了很多國際會議,每次大會都會安排我擔任首位主講嘉賓。當時,世界的目光都聚焦在中國,有人形容中國的狀況是這樣:要是中國打噴嚏,全世界都感冒了。這個比喻顯示了中國在全球經濟及政治舞台上的重要地位。...

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Steve’s industry activities

President of China Sustainable Plastics Association

Board Member of Plastics Committee of BIR

Observer of Basel Convention – UNEP Part

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